Penny Counting


One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced is how to describe to those I care about why one day I can do it all and the next I can barely get out of bed. I came across this article that uses pennies to describe how each day I have a set amount of pennies for the day and I have to pace myself and prioritise what I do because when I run out, I’m done. Then external factors effect how many pennies it takes to do things eg: some days a shower takes only 1 penny, other days it take half the days pennies and showering and getting back into bed is all I can do. Since using this metaphor, discussion with family and friends is both easier and has less tension. We joke about how many pennies do I have, can I borrow from tomorrow and have I as yet run out.


3 Comments on “Penny Counting

  1. I’ve read every word 🙂 biggest fan!! xxxx

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