Friends with whom you can share your story!

I am so grateful to have the wonderful friends in my life that I have. The ones who phone on days when the weather is turning, just to say they are thinking of me and love me, the ones who encourage my blogging and my venting, the ones who cheer me up when I’m in pain and need distraction, the ones who empathise with me and message to see how I’m feeling and all the other ways they each let me know they are there, they love me and they get it.

A number of my “friends” and “family” fell by the wayside when I was diagnosed. They couldn’t cope with me or my illness. They told me to toughen up, to pick up my bottom lip and just get over it, to stop being a drama queen. It hurt when it happened, but now all I see is just how lucky I am to have authentic friends (and family – though I rank friends higher, and my family are those I choose to have in my life and are my friends too!). They are people I can be vulnerable with and who value me. It’s so important when life is challenging to have people reminding you of your worth.

To all my friends, thank you and I love you!


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